The Virtual Courtroom is an instrument of education to inform the public about parties to the proceedings. A mock hearing will provide an opportunity to get a more thorough understanding of the course of court proceedings. 

The purpose of the Virtual Courtroom is to strengthen support for witnesses and victims during trial, increase psychological safety and comfort. 

Visitors of the Virtual Courtroom will get knowledge about the persons taking part in the proceedings, their functions and liability, the course of a hearing in civil, criminal, administrative and administrative offence matters.  By choosing the case type or character of interest, visitors will be able to navigate in the courtroom, follow the course of the hearing, find answers to most frequent questions and makes inquiries. 

The activity is financed by the funds of the project “Witnesses and crime victim’s support and security in courts” within the framework of the Programme of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism “Efficiency, Quality and Transparency in Lithuanian Courts”.

Project No. NOR-LT13-NTA-TF-01-003
The project promoter is the National Courts Administration

More information about the project is available here.